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I can't believe a single word that you're saying
I see your lips moving, but nothing's coming out
Who can believe a single word that you're saying
I see your lips moving& but I can't figure it out

I'm afraid of the crucifix hanging on my wall
You hear yourself screaming,but nothing's coming out
I'm afraid of the shadows dancing on my wall
I hear them laughing at me,but I can't figure it out

I know my limitations
I just don't know when to quit
I know when I'm addicted
But no, I can't get enough of that ****, what?

Jesus - Make everything all right

Where'd everybody go?
I know I'm losing, but I don't know what to do
Sweet Jesus make it go away
Mary, Joseph what I should I say?
What do I do?

When I was alone you just laughed at me
I held out my hand, you just closed your eyes
I only wanted to be good
All I wanted was a chance to make things right


Twenty thousand leagues deep on the mic
Mass murder, court convicted, terroristic creature of the night
No, don't let me get freaky tonight
No, don't feed me tonight
I been drinking way to much Jagermeister
Mommy pray for me, cause I'm not feeling right
I've been hearing these voices
They're telling me to take my own life
Breathe my last breath, eat my last meal
You got what you deserve
How's that feel?

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