108 - When Death Closes Your Eyes Lyrics

Artist: 108 Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Threefold Misery
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When death closes your eyes... hide, how will you hide, how rill you hide behind your pride, when death closes your eyes and darkness spills from inside. Will you suddenly, you where never alive (inside). When death closes your eyes. Wide, wide eyes of fear, I hear: death is howling near, what if I suddenly find, "success" was wasting my time? What if I suddenly find, I was never alive? When death closes your eyes. Is dust all that we live for? All that we know? Is dust all that we live for? Brace to face, embrace the void, how will aour loving lover comfort you? What will be the worth to all your winnings in this world, when ashes comes to dust? As this body must. When death closes your eyes. Abandon the death-life, re-ignite the light inside

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