13 Engines - The Golden Age Lyrics

Writer(s) : DIX/ROBBINS
Artist: 13 Engines Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Perpetual Motion Machine
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So the Golden Age passed away to silver

But that was long ago

There were swimming holes and the Vaudeville

They gave way to this

Bronze turned itself slowly into iron

And here we are today

If what you say has a grain of truth

The age of rust is soon

Please, it's not a thing just to bring you down

It's just a passing phase

But who'll believe your piano played itself

A long forgotten air


The Golden Age, it'll never fade away

Today just don't seem the same

The Golden Age, it'll never fade away

If you were there

There will always be someone telling you

That these are wicked times

Rainy days come down just to make you think

Of all the shades of grey

No one knew that you liked to paint

Until they cleaned your room


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