Dirty Dark Lyrics

2 Chainz

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The syndicate muahahahaha

[2 Chainz]

Yea..... shut up.... ha... truuuu 2 Chaiiinnnnnzzzz

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]

Uh All I do is me... Masturbation
I can make your girl walk... Graduation
Im known to make it rain... you do condensation
One nation under god full of frustration
I pledge allegiance leave you niggas extra bleeding
Black and white diamonds charm look like a referee
Definitely I bless the beat after I bless the beat then its rest in peace
Thats my recipe I'm 2 Chainz and I spell chains with a "Z"
I go ham on any beat your trap is on centipede
That's slow mines on G4 I'm bout' that bull like D. Rose
Easier than shooting Freethrows (Freethrow) Easier than wearing Polo (Polo)
Easier than a ho at my show in the front row
I'm nonchalant she a debutante yo girl need a tummy tuck
My verse is B.G. that's short for bubble guts
I'm 2 Chains... Chains so... Big you could play double dutch
2 blunts... put together bitch that's a double dutch uh

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