2 live crew - Pretty Woman Lyrics

Writer(s) : Orbison, Roy/ Melson Joe
Artist: 2 live crew Lyrics
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[ ] = all the other Crew members

Verse 1:  Luke
[Pretty woman]  Ha haaa, walkin' down the street
[Pretty woman]  Gir, girl, you look so sweet
[Pretty woman]  You, you bring me down to the knees
[Pretty woman]  You make me want to beg please
[O-o-o-o-oh, pretty woman]

Verse 2:  Fresh Kid Ice
[Big hairy woman]  You need to shave that stuff
[Big hairy woman]  You know, I bet it's tough
[Big hairy woman]  All that hair, it ain't legi-i-it
['Cause you look like Cousin I-I-I-I-It]
[Big hairy woman]

Verse 3:  Brother Marquis
[Ball-headed woman]  Girl, your hair won't grow
[Ball-headed woman]  You got a teeny-weeny afro
[Ball-headed woman]  You know, your hair could look nice
[Ball-headed woman]  First you got to roll it with rice
[Ball-headed woman]
(spoken) Here, lemme get this hunk o' beans for ya, 
ya know whatI'm sayin'?  Ha ha!  This better than Rice-a-Roni!  
Ha ha ha ha ha!
[O-o-o-o-oh, ball-headed woman]

(Mr. Mixx) Big hairy woman, come on in ...
(Marquis)  And don't forget your ball-headed friend
(Luke)     Hey, pretty woman, let the boys jump in-n-n-n!

Verse 4:  Mr. Mixx
[Two-timin' woman]  Girl, you know you ain't right
[Two-timin' woman]  You was out with my boy last night
[Two-timin' woman]  That takes a load off my mind
[Two-timin' woman]  Now I know the baby ain't mine
[O-o-o-o-oh, two-timin' woman]

O-o-o-o-oh, pretty woman!

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