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Artist: 2 Skinnee J's Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The Big Green Book
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First of all, this is my first time doing this. there are/might be a
Few mistakes in here, so bear with me.
Welcome everybody
To our humble abode
Like Florence Orenthal
Let's get the show on the road
So turn down your lights, and turn up your speakers
Everybody dance around 'cause we're all social creatures
But knock knock who is it?
We're being paid a visit
From royal blue nobles --probably not right
With visions of white picket fences
Foreign cars and platinum expenses
Bangin on the door with a list of our offenses
Well you can knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want to
Or put 4 kicks on the floor and I'll be honest
We ain't turnin down till the sun comes up
The sound gets sucked through pipes and ducts
So rise and shine near the boderline
Keep it on till the dawn and watch the night decline
The band becomes a crowd, the crowd becomes a rally
The people fill the streets and it seeps into the alley.
It ain't loud enough for all of us
We'll break you outta your shell
We came to rock, rock the best of bells
J Guavera move the people like it ain't no thang
From the Duke of Earl to the Sultan of Swing
I get loyalty like I was royalty
All your plots and schemes have been foiled
See I got ryhmes and quotes
The ryhmes I wrote
Should be printed in Bartlett's
And now its time to start this
But first all the heartless must show some compassion
Barriers need breakin, walls need some smashin
Like Albert Tollava, beethoveen rolled over
Now we got the floor and it smells like carova
Does you body good, and your mind even better
From the goo that blew the panties of your auntie when we met her
It ain't loud enough for all of us
We'll break you outta your shell
We came to rock, rock the best of bells
Attention, this court is in session
Repeat the last question (repeat the last question)
The one before (Which one?)
Who got the diction to blow up like nuclear fission?
We do, in addition
We're on a mission
We cirrculate like a petition
Convert you like religion
To our position
In our position to submission
So focus
Your vision if your wishin for a clearer transmission
(not really sure about this part)
Pledge allegiance to your leaders
Dream received divas
Travisty and beef between us
We bring new legions into freedom
Like little ceaser when he seizes
Like leading sheep from feeders
In the stereo receivers led by Bobba Gunush (--that's gotta be wrong)
Directfully elect her if there ain't no push
We're overloading meters receiving secrets from the feds
As we leave the people's body like Eugene Fitzgerald
It ain't loud enough for all of us
We'll break you outta your shell
We came to rock, rock the best of bells

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