22-Pistepirkko - Bubblegum Couple Lyrics

Artist: 22-Pistepirkko Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Big Lupu
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Looking around in a bubblegum city
Its so funny but it aint so easy
You can watch but can't touch
Big bubbles, don't splash
Hanging around with a bubblegum girl
Shes so crazy, so risky
You have everything in your arms
Big bubbles, don't stick
Say goodbye to a bubblegum daddy
Time to leave and take a look
If there's something waiting for us
Some perfect place for the perfect
Bubblegum couple
Welcome to the bubblegum hotel
Sixtynine floors, wheres the horse
Every movie star has stayed here
I sold one painting and one ear
Heaven Im ready, Im here
Blow out those bubbles
And what you got
Nothing but a terrible mess
So put your needless back
Keep to our bubblegum rebellion flag
Say goodbye to bubblegum hotel
Time to leave and take a look
Is there something waiting for us
Some perfect place to a perfect
Bubblegum couple
Looking around in a bubblegum world
Its so spooky, down pressing
You can watch but you can't touch
Big bubbles don't splash

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