24-7 Spyz - Don't Break My Heart Lyrics

Artist: 24-7 Spyz Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Gumbo Millennium
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There was you, there was me
Everything was cool far as I could see
Thought our love was strong
But something deep inside tells me that I was wrong
Could it be a memory from your past
Could it be these things weren´t meant to last
If there´s somewhere else you´d rather be
Why don´t you cut these ties and set me free
Told you once - told you twice
You should never play with love and that´s good advice
Wanna know how you feel
Getta tell me something baby - what´s the deal

Oh no! Don´t break my heart
Oh no! Finish what you start
Oh no! Don´t break my heart
Oh no! Finish what you start

Left me once - took you back
Said I´d give you one more chance and that´s a fact
Wanna know what to do
Really need to find out ´cause I´m feeling blue
Could it be the end of our romance
Could it be this love is left to chance
Maybe you don´t feel the same inside
Go on walk out the door and leave my pride
Just can´t stop thinking ´bout things I used to need that I can do without
Feel confused - by myself
Is it really over is our love back on the shelf

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