25 ta Life - Took My Kindness, for Weakness Lyrics

Artist: 25 ta Life Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Strength Through Unity: The Spirit Remains
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Your talkin out your ass.
Never been committed to.
Anything in your life.
Talk the talk,
But back down to the fight.
What does it mean to you.
I'd give up my life.
If that makes me a tuff guy.
Tuff guy I'm proud to be.
We ya call me a tuff guy.
Tuff guy I'm gonna be.
Disrespect my crew.
Disrespect my family.
Now you must back up.
All that shit you spoke.
Dedicated to nothing.
And no heart to save ya.
Don't, back down.
Stand, your ground.
Stand your ground.
Don't back down.
Don't give in. Never.
One ta play the role.
First one ta fold.
Years of dedication.
Some one ta place your trust in.

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