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Album: Track 3 on Upstyledown
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Here we go fools
And it's on once again for young and old
Because you stole the farm boy's time
'Cause if you find me on the trippy hip hop
Like I said before you whore
We got the drop on you you're through
So don't try and copy
The style of those you chose to propose because you're sloppy
There's a noise at the front door
And just last week you sounded just like Faith No More

Suckers come and go
There's some things you'll never know
You've bought a new record kid
Now you've got a new style
Let me tell you right now
You're like a senile pedophile
'Cause you want to rape the kids but they won't' pay you ****
Because you cut your hair when it was time to leave
OH fingertip main trip, think you're so down and I just can't take it
Suckers like you who fake it through, you're through
Make me want to be sick and you're sliding up and down
Hip hop's tips!

Come and rock the party full swing
Listen to the styles that I bring and you know that kid
You can't rock the party, FOOL
If it's for the radio
Just how many times I pulled the grand theft audio?

Got to people, feel they tried to sound like you
When there were dreams to kill, if I had a pound
Every time I saw a sucker, I'd be a rich man mother ****er

[Chorus: x2]

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