2AM Club - Faster Babe Lyrics

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Album: Track 4 on What Did You Think Was Going to Happen
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You wanna feel that high
You wanna break that glass
You wanna push that gas
Grab that wheel yes roll that die

You wanna feel that push
You wanna cross that side
You wanna hit that clutch
Touch that nerve yes break that line

Ain't no looking back my baby
They're only trying to tame me
If they wanna fight
Well I'll be warring them
But I'm not the one to defend

You don't got to lie
Just keep going faster babe faster babe
Why, whoa whoa whoa yeah
I'm on your side
Just keep going faster babe faster bye bye

You wanna feel that rush
You wanna break that law
Highlight that flaw
Pull that stick shift then take off

You wanna make them gasp
You gotta feel what's wrong
Put your gum on the dash
Rear view glance both eyes to the past

Ain't no turning back my baby
They're on their track to take me
They wanna fight
Well I'll be warring them
But, I'm not the one to defend


Whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah

Put your tears away
Ain't no fear today
You can drive off toward that summertime sunset
It's what you ain't done yet
Take the keys
Leave the regrets
Write your letters place your bets
I'll be the one who accepts ya


Whoa, don't got to lie
Keep going faster babe faster babe why
Yeah, I'm on your side
You just gotta speed a little faster when you drive

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