Picture Me Rollin'



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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap


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Yeah, clear enough for ya.
Y'all supposed to be happy I'm free.
Old busters.
Picture me rollin' in my 500 benz.
There's no need to be friends.
That's what somebody be tellin' me.
But I ain't the one tellin'.
I got a ****in' gang of weed to keep from goin under.
*****s put prices on my head.
I feed em lead.
How will I live?
To feed kids.
It's so hard to be positive
Mama, I'm still thuggin'
My homies is inmates
Full grown, finally a man
Of my empty hands.
Flossin a benz on rims that isn't stolen.
My hopes are gone.
My nerves is wrecked.
Thinkin of the G's I'll be holdin.
Can you see me now
Can you see it?
Yeah *****
Guess who's back?
I got keys comin from overseas.
I'm a street comando.
This lavish lifestyle is hard to handle.
Thug granted to be a women layer
Make me want to start bank bangin.
Let's go change.
Contain or rearrange.
While I'm sippin on green leaves(?)
96 big bodies sittin on chrome
Stone facing is on.
I'm livin a dream with triple beams and my pockets bulgin.
Picture me rollin.
I gots to get the **** up in.
'cause a ***** straight sufferin from lack of havin paper.
So I need to hit a lick, drastically.
And, uh, diggin in the pots.

We didn't think you *****s creepin.
And I dump for madness(?)
CPO, we got the bomb spot.
I get the liquor and you could get the females.

I'm cool as a mother ****er, I'm a get mine.
Got the pockets on swollen.
Picture us rollin.
Heh, heh, heh.
Picture me rollin roll call.
I just could not forget about.
Number one on my list: Clinton Correctional Faciluties,
Can you *****s see me from there?
Heh, ha ha!
Yeah, all you *****s up in them cell blocks,
That's right *****, picture me rollin
Yeah, that ***** had a lot to talk about in court.
Can you see me, ho?
And all you punk police, can you see me?
Picture me rollin' *****, legit.
You can't stop me.
Noope, ?, Syke, Rollcall, Mopreme
Can you see me ho?
We up out this *****.
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