3 Feet Smaller - Maybe Next Year Lyrics

Artist: 3 Feet Smaller Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Damn, We Need a Title for This Record
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Today is your day, what more can i say? One year older "Horray"
Now your feeling high, smoke pot, eating pie One year older, what a day

A birthday party, would be funny cool friends and your sweet girlfriend
But she don't know what's going on she's wondering so long
Why do we sing a birthday song?

You don't know now to say how could you forget all my presents. Now your feeling angry and sad
She forgot your birthday, and now your getting mad. You tell her now that today is your day .
She ask "Why are you angry? Is everything ok?"

You don't know now to say how could you forget all my presents
Maybe next year she will be here

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