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Album: Track 11 on A Girl Can Mack
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Funny how love feels
Funny how love can be
Funny how love feels feels

[Verse 1]
I didn't know until today
I could get hurt so easily
But now I realize
(Each time that you say goodbye)
That I almost cried
Why must you go
Can't you stay
I wish you could be here everyday
Holding me close to you
(We both know it don't feel right)
To say goodbye

Ain't it funny how
Love can bring you down
Cause you know somethings wrong yeah
Then you turn around
Suddenly you found
That true love keeps you strong
So you can hold on

Funny how love can be so wrong so wrong sometimes
Funny how love can be can be so right

[Verse 2]
I didn't think about it much
I didn't know the meaning of giving me heart way
(I'm hoping someday you's say)
You feel the same boy
And now I know love is true
And I don't want to be here without you
Whether you're near or far
(I close my eyes there you are)
Right here in my heart

It's kinda funny how now when I get down
Feel like you can't go on
Then you turn around suddenly you found
That your love keeps you strong
(So you can go on)

[Chorus: x2]

Funny how love feels
Funny how love can be
Funny how love feels feels

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