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54-40 Show Me Lyrics

Artist: 54-40 Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Show Me

I would like to see
All that no one knows
Just to see the reason
We must feel alone
Walking on my path
I don't do much more than that
Where to put my mind
Lord show me a sign
Show me suffering
Humankind can bring
Show me what's inside
So I can see things right
Show me
I woke up to you
In a love and groove
I fell off my mind
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Running around inside
Love has such an energy
Guaranteed to keep the world afloat
Here here
Here here
When I start to run inside
I must still come out
I must hold my head up high
And know all these things
They can change
With love
They can change
With love
They can change
With love
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