59 Times the Pain - Leave Me Alone Lyrics

Artist: 59 Times the Pain Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Blind Anger & Hate
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shut the fuck up
get out of my way
can't you see
i'm getting sick and tired of you
leave me alone
stop bothering me
why don't you
just leave me alone
this been going on for long now
won't you get the fuck of my back
won't you just leave me alone
i think for you that would be best
i've been taking this shit for long now
but those days are over and gone
i'm gonna start playing a different game
i'm gonna show you what is up
why don't you mind your own business
won't you leave me the fuck alone
you can do your best at it
but you will never ring me down
i can tell you it'll come back at you
where you are is way out of line
so why don't you stop back
i think for you that would be best

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