911 - Take Good Care Lyrics

Artist: 911 Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Journey
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I've been broken-hearted

It felt like my world was caving in, leaving me lonely

It felt like my head was in a spin

I'd too and I'd turn all night, wondering how it came to be

I've been there, and I never will return

If you're honest, girl (honest, girl)

You will be my world (be my world)

And I'll be there if you take good care forever


Take good care of my heart, and I won't let you down, girl

Take good care of my heart, I'll always be around, girl

Take good care of my heart, and I will leave you never

If you take good care forever

I'd do about anything

To show you that my love is strong enough

Whether it's rain or shine

Even when the going gets too tough

I'll be there, on this, you can rely

If you'll be my girl (be my girl)

I'll promise the world (promise the world)

And my love, I'll share if you take good care forever

Repeat Chorus

I used to make believe

There was a girl of my dreams (girl of my dreams)

When I opened up my eyes

I saw my dreams have come to life

Repeat Chorus to fade

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