A Beautiful Silence - My Guardian Angel Lyrics

Artist: A Beautiful Silence Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Broken Hearts and Lessons Learned
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The way your hair falls across your face has always been a mystery to me
I don't know why sure as hell don't know how you seem to know everything
But maybe you've been here all along and maybe I've done something so wrong
That you just cant seem to let it go why cant you just let me go
I've lost it again
And I'm running scared
As your falling from heaven, heaven
To save me from sin and the life I lost
These imperfections lead in all directions but you've always kept me bold and clean
And my misfortune is your disappointed and you usher this boy through his life
When did I become so reliant on everything you say to me
This is my disaster and I'm falling faster so won't you just let me be
You take my pain away

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