A Canorous Quintet - Selfdeceiver (The Purest of Hate) Lyrics

Artist: A Canorous Quintet Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on The Only Pure Hate
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Dusk has come to pass The irreversible darkness surrounds us Scared away from the light No mercy will be shown Your blood will flow Weakminded, you deserve to die Filled with the purest of hate My axe rips the air Deformed beyond recognition The unpurest of all Not even worthy of the ignorance The ignorance of your slayer Kneel on command [*] you, you couldn't believe Couldn't believe it was for real Until you realize, that it is you The selfdeceiver There is nothing, all must end For the selfdeceivers [Repeat verse 3] [*repeat] It is you who are crawling Crawling in a world of shit And still you enjoy it But even when there's nothing Lets to crawl for you're still stuck In your pile of fucking shit The blade will fall To end it all

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