A Covenant of Thorns - Love Crooked Love Lyrics

Artist: A Covenant of Thorns Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Hallowed & Hollow
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My heart beats out of time
With the constant pounding in my head
Fear, heartless fear
It pulls me away from my dying dreams of
Love, evil love
A constant craving to be heard
Time, wretched time
Has stolen away the only things I've ever held dear
I've never known love
And I've wanted you all this time
Every time I try
I'm diving hard towards the ground
Do I think I can fly?
My heart has spun upside down
Love, crooked love
Drives a stake into the soul
Pain, precious pain
It's caused by that we are the closest to
And I don't need your sympathy
Find my way
And all I've ever struggled for
Is love, crooked love
I've never known love
And I've wanted you all this time
And I've never known love
To be anything but a lie
I've hated you all my life

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