A Day to Remember - The Danger in Starting a Fire Lyrics

Artist: A Day to Remember Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on For Those Who Have Heart
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So now you'll know exactly what it feels like
To be an obstacle in my way
You won't remain
You won't remain

Save your breath don't even speak
If you speak you'll change
Cause you won't
You won't
Cut to the chase
Spare the lecture on what it takes to make a man
Cause you're weak
And i'm strong

I will never falter
I'll stand my ground
You're a fake, a worthless coward
You'll never be anything

Lets set things straight
What's done is done
I never needed you
Tell me exactly who you think that you're kidding?
Everyone will be happy when they find that you're missing
You asked if we'd ever forget you
We've got our fingers crossed
Our fingers crossed

There's a danger in starting a fire
You'll never know how many bridges you'll burn

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