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Artist: A Global Threat Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Here We Are
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There's a 15-minute fad rule
They're seven inches late
Here we are, too hard, too fast!
And I'm just the cynic to tell you
It just dont move me at all
Bubblegum punk trying to cater
Here we are, too hard, too fast!
And we don't need a fashion injection
Or a sales slip to tell us we're right
You look like a band tagged wall
And we dont need your sponsers
To tell us what we like
Never mind that disease
Here we are, too hard, too fast... too bad!
Here we are, too hard, too fast!
And if you're not I hope you dont last
Cause I'm sick of watered down shit
You're on the wrong side
So fuck off and die!

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