A Jealousy Issue - Scheming Dreaming Juggernaut Lyrics

Artist: A Jealousy Issue Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on If the Flames Don't Kill Us... We Will
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discard these weighted wings and rise
as high as these heavy skies
rise from a sitation that sickens me
i inflict the kindest cut of all
weave the weakest cloth into steel
as i embrace invention

from this manufactured mess
will appear a more desirable design
so far from what i was
so close to what i could be

abandoning past reflections
i will not miss me
no longer ruled by imperfections
i will not miss me
and now i am invincible
so fucking invincible
just try and fucking stop me

a frame once rendered frail
now suddenly superhuman
incapable of doubt
a structure free from flaws

an immovable mass
of sentinel contruction
so far from what i was
so close to what i could be

nothing matters anymore

untouchable unstoppable
everyone is beneath me

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