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Artist: A Northern Chorus Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Millions Too Many
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Find a place in line, we’re marching straight into the fire
With our free will manifesto on our sleeves.
Would you turn a blind eye to the freedom that surrounds us…
Could you radiate the love that burns inside…
As this is how we survive, in accordance to the beauty that we find.
Don’t let this fire burn out, and don’t let me forget that I’m alive.
Because I will, as we all do,
We spend all our time trying to predict the next revolution,
Just to miss the chance that this might be it.
Don’t let me forget that this is not a race that we’re in.
I keep getting caught up in predictions of future events.
Because I will
Get distracted by the lights,
And wake up to the darkest night.
(Because I will)
Forget everything I’ve learned,
Neglect every true concern.
Keep you at an arms length,
Laugh off every compliment.
Dismiss all the mystery,
And disregard my history.
Take back every word I said,
Evacuate my tired head,
Misjudge all my distances,
And take the path of least resistance,
Break my silence just to say that this is not some kind of race,
I know that you would do the same

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