A Northern Chorus - Skeleton Keys Lyrics

Artist: A Northern Chorus Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on The Millions Too Many
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Here we stand outside glory’s gates again.
Rusted shut for centuries on end.
And they’re trying to sell us the keys,
(to every door)
But we’d rather prove our worth.
(and just keep chipping away)
We’ve been drugged with doubt and fear
(that’s shaking our bones)
But we’re gonna break this curse.
Cuz you know this kind of thing,
Has never happened before,
(There’s a chain reaction in store)
Yeah, you know this kind of thing,
Has never happened before.
(There’s a chain reaction in store)
There is a chain reaction in store,
That’s keeping the courageous at war.
And your will is proof that we are not,
Just servants to some unseen god

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