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Artist: A Rocket to the Moon Lyrics
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(([Verse 1]))
I see you and
I'm ready to make my move
but I'm scared and I know that you've got better things to do
I'll touch your hand
and I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
it's cliche I know but baby it's the price we pay
To get the things we've wanted
and get the things we've left behind
to what you've wanted, and what you need, and what you've always dreamt about
Don't take another step
don't breathe another breath
unless your comming back to me ....
I'm trusting you and I'm taking
the long way home
I'm freezin' and it's not because of you
Will you just hold me tight and never let me goooo ?
I know this all things wrong but baby we're invincible.....
(([Verse 2]))
If I could take these words and fill them up with air
I'd fly you to the stars so we can dissapeare
If I could take your heart and keep it close to me
I swear it will not break, I swear it will not bleed
And I believe just anything you say
If you would tell me to get lost I'd ask how far away....
And now it's getting late and I can't keep my eyes open, but my heart's open for you .....
Would you just hold me tight and never let me gooo ?
I know this all things wrong but baby we're invincible.»{x2}«
Thanks to Clarissa »myspace.com/mefromsd«

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