A Wilhelm Scream - Mercy Day for Mr. Vengeance Lyrics

Artist: A Wilhelm Scream Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Ruiner
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I can hit record, erase what I'll write.
Cement my place in time.
It's been a lifelong sofa ride.
I'll be a fossil before I'm thrown in that hole.
I'll make this ghost come back to life.

I lived for hope, that fucker died.
I wrote all this garbage audio.
Signed off with my first initial.
I put it in bold to put down other egos.
I'll make this ghost come back to life.

When you tell me to calm down, all eyes.
Don't tell me to calm down with those eyes upon me.

How can you fight what you can't target?
How do you rest when you know you can't slow down?
Help me out, I can say it now.
Help me out.

I'll make this ghost come back to life.

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