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you see what I mean?
but you're still dreaming, you're sleeping
you can't do a thing
can't do a thing now, you're in now
in over your head
reach for the stars boy, not fast Ka's boy!

What's all this then: why are you running around?
What's all this then: you know you're sure to be found
What's all this then: I told you once before
the postman may ring twice but fate comes knocking at your door.

They say love lasts forever but I'm sure it lasts much longer than the time it takes for planets and stars to tear asunder, I can't live on my own for 45 more years, the sea became a lake, a lake a pool, a pool my tears.
What's all this then?

Sweet tear, sun ah, say o, sonno wo ho

Don't bluff it suck it then chuck it
quit hanging around
sweet music's playing, you're deaf now
you don't hear the sound
you're just a machine, so come clean
there's rust in your heart
stop, look and listen, before you start.

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