A.C.T - A Supposed Tour Lyrics

Artist: A.C.T Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Imaginary Friends
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Offered To Support An Act And They Were Overwhelmed. Took Them Weeks To Plan That Trip. Everything Was Done To Keep The Costs Down, Budget Was Low, Of Course. A So Called Van Stood Ready To Be Towed Away. They Were All Squeezed Together In This Rental Car. We Have Come To Play. There's No Chance, No Way. But It's Simple Fact; We Have Come To Act. A Special Guest Indeed. Sad And Disappointed They Bought Beer To Reassure. Manager Excused Himself (And Said:) Just Come Again Tomorrow. I've Informed The Crew That You'll Come, It's Set, It's Ready; You Will Be On Stage By Eight O'clock. Everyone Please Calm Down, You Have My Head On That. So You've Come To Play. There's No Chance, No Way. Telling You It's A Fact; No Way You Can Act. Simple Fact, My Ass! REPEAT (Thanks to Spirit for these lyrics)

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