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Artist: A.C.T Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Imaginary Friends
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Back To The Past Reliving What's Done. The Times That I Played The Fool Of My Grade. Embarrassing To Remember. I Know Where They Live, The Kids Have Grown Up. Meeting Them Now. They Look At Me Like I Still Were The Biggest Joker. If They Knew About Me Nowadays Surely They Would Blow My Great Cigar And Nasty Boots, To The Leather Cap And The Great Tattoos. I'm The Hippest Flop In History. When I Show My World For All My Ladies, Mercedes. Baby Girl. Those Days Are Far Gone. Now That We've Found A Start, We'll Just Carry On. People That Are Strong They Belong Together. A Human Delirium. Now We Hold Hands, Together In Love. You Got Me At Last. In Trade For A Harley Davidson And Some Groceries. I Know What You Think. The Deal Is Unfair, She Should Have Had Bob. At Least He Was Not The Kind To Go Fuel His Panties BRIDGE CHORUS Watch This World From My Perspective, Very Nice. Learn From This You Childish People (Thanks to Spirit for these lyrics)

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