A.C.T - Little Beauty Lyrics

Artist: A.C.T Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Imaginary Friends
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I'm Running Around In A Loop, Don't Know Why You Are So Hard To Find. This Is A Crowded Place To Be, M aybe That's Why I'm Confused. I Didn't Know It Was So Hard To Find You. Left, Right, Up And Down, I Have Searched Every Floor. Where, Tell Me Where Are You Now. Don't You Want Me To Find You, Why? I Know You're Counting On Me, But I Don't Know Where To Start. Every Time I'm Asking For Directions There're Pointing At Different Ways. I'm Confused, So What Shall I Do? Little Red Beauty, You're Driving Me Crazy. I've Been Here For Hours, I'm So Very Tired. Suddenly I Saw A Sign To Show Me The Way. You Know I Promise To Bring You What You Want. Bringing You All Of My Loving. Sir, How Are You Doing Today? Looks Like Yo Need Some Help To Find What Ever You Are Looking For, That Is So Important To You. Close Your Eyes, Take A Breath Then Try Again. You Know That You Can't Show Up With Your Hands All Empty, Oh No. CHORUS I Finally Saw You, You Put A Smile On My Face. Yes You Were Standing, Beside The
Others, Your Friends. How Could I Be So Blind, So Blind That I Didn't See You There? Standing Right Beside The Others, Your Friends. Show Me The Way, You Know I Promise To Bring You What You Want. Bringing You All My Loving, Bringing You All My Love To You (Thanks to Spirit for these lyrics)

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