A.C.T Puppeteers Lyrics

Artist: A.C.T
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Album: Track 2 on Silence

They never seem to figure the riddle out
No thoughts of what it's all about
Thought that the wheel would make it all clear
But no, even more had to be seen
Thousands of years and thosands of things has been revealed
Some of them question it, and others just living true with it
Put in a mind to make it all obvious
Just a few of them are curious
Thought he who gave in made it all clear
But no, even more had to be seen
Leaders are ruling, not really caring, just using you
Still you dream of the land Utopia
Just like puppeteers, so cute but unaware, now you're in tears
I am sorry I can't help you
Tell me why I fail, with this attempt I want a happy tale
So please can you give me a helping hand?
I'm on my knees for you
Used to be so fun just watching you try
Have to say it was fun being wry
Gave you a heart so you would feel what's right
Still try to be creative
Ingenuity didn't pay off as I thought it would
Never give up!
Will time make me give in?
Just like puppeteers...
Don't you see what's done is wrong?
Will you wake and look beyond?
Trust will grow, why wait so long?
Do I have to swing my wand?
That you dream is what I want
Just like puppeteers...
Thanks to Gracie Sauer for these lyrics

A.C.T's Puppeteers album cover
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