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Album: Track 13 on Last Epic
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Close Your Eyes You're Not Alone Remember Your Size Can Somebody Hear Your Moan? Like That Wall Could Protect You Rings On Water, Close Description Be Aware My Son, Cause Your Hate Is All Around What You Hear That Could Be True That's Why I Fear I See What Your Mind Construe I Do Not Judge You, I Only Observe You're Still My Soul But I'm Wailing Inside When My Spirits Try To Hide It's Time To Wake Up, Time To Make A Change I Can't Deny That You Make Me Cry If I Ask You To Decide Would You Choose My Side? To Be Honest, You Are No One I Can Trust What Your Mind Will Radiate Someone Will Find And Spirits Illuminate But Your Thoughts Aren't Happy What You're Spreading Through My Organs Will Reverberate And Soon Affect You Fate What You Think, Is Energy Remember The Link And How It Recoils On Me BRIDGE CHORUS (Thanks to Spirit for these lyrics)

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