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Artist: A.C.T Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Imaginary Friends
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Seasons Passing By, Summers Gone And I Can't Recall That I Saw A Shining Sun In The Sky. Then The Winter Comes, I Am Occupied Buying Things For My Child, When I'm Done It Is Gone. Please Come Back! Take It Easy, Everyone Should Take It Easy. You Got To Slow Down, Everyone Should Calm Down. Take It Easy, Everyone Should Take It Easy. You Got To Slow Down Before It Is Too Late. To Stresses And Strains Of Modern Life Say No. Years Are Passing By, I Can't Hear Anymore, Wrinkles Are Blooming Now And My Hair's Getting White. Then I Fade Away, Getting Old And Sick, All I Remember Now Is The Smell Of The Strain. CHORUS Move Your Body, Hurry Up Now; I've Got No Time To Waste. I'm So Busy, Get A Move On, Must Be In Time For Tea. I Must Be There! CHORUS (Thanks to Spirit for these lyrics)

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