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Album: Track 11 on Last Epic
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I Tell Myself That I Wasn't That Involved And Put Away Problems That Are Not Solved Still I Recall What We Did That Day It's Clear Why You Ran Away My Conscience's Gone I Get The Feeling That I Am Not Alone A Glance At The Wall, Did I See Him Frown I Feel He's Aware Of What We've Done Destroying His Favorite Son He Read My Mind I Will Not Ever Forget A Smile That Dies The Look On Your Face When You Took Our Lies But You Were The One To Blame I Cannot Stand The Shame I Guess He Sees Me Through Feel Him From Above How He's Starting From The Ceiling Ted, I Let Her Use You Too Nothing She Said Was True What Have I Done To You? You Sat Beside Me, We Talked About Your Style I Mentioned The Garden, That Made You Smile A Lie From This House Was The Latest Trend I Said That I Was Your Friend Please Rewind I Think He's Coming To Get Me, Can't You See A Whisper At Night ? You Will Not Be Free Reminding Me Of What We Did That Day It's Clear Why You Left That Away I've Lost Control A Memory Of A Smile That Died Ho
w Do You Think That I Feel Inside? But You Were The One To Blame She Won Her Stupid Game CHORUS REPEAT (Thanks to Spirit for these lyrics)

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