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Artist: A.C.T Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Last Epic
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From The Stairs, Through The Door, With The Wind A Sudden Atmosphere Woke Her Up And Made Her Realize A Dream It Wasn't, No That Was A Call From A Floor, Through The Wall, To Her Room A Desperate Cry Arrived Stuck In Bed, She Could Not Move At All She Wished The Dream Was Still Inside Her Head And Everyone Knew Who He Was But No One Did A Thing And The Building Appealed There's No Time To Be Selfish Tonight Your Question Would Be Why But Now I Say Goodbye Figure This Out For Yourself, Let's Try The Answer's In The Sky This Is My Final Day And Soon I'll Fly Away Something To Learn You Might See That Soon What Did Have To Say? Remember Me Now You Will The Memory Of Me Will Not Fade Away?? Could He Feel What They Thought, Had He Known They Did Not Care At All Was His Crying All Because Of That? Who Is He To Bother Them At Night? Morning Came, Brought No Light, To A Life That Had Begun To Fall He Would Never Walk This Earth Again His Final Words Are Still Inside Their Minds BRIDGE CHORUS (Thanks to Spir
it for these lyrics)

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