A.C.T - Torn by a Phrase Lyrics

Artist: A.C.T Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Last Epic
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By Myself, I'm Here Alone In Tears, Now Days And Weeks Gone By Still It Feels The Same, I Wonder What Made It Go Wrong Loneliness And Silence And My Soul Is Aching, Torn Inside Will Great Emptiness Heal; Will Love Cherish Me Once Again Everything's So Different Now, Even Water Taste So Strange I Close My Eyes, It Hurts Too Much To See You Came And Gave Me Love I Thought That It Was Meant To Be Somehow It Had To End I Couldn't See That What I Treasure Had Gone This Is All, Still News To Me, Engravings Cut Inside My Head These Are Drawings That Will Not Be Erased Or Fade By Time Thinking Of The Life We Shared A Smile Across My Face Appears All Joy We Shared It Ended When You Spoke Those Words BRIDGE CHORUS Trying To Be Strong Although I'm Weaker Than I've Ever Been Longing For You, Dreaming Of You, Everything Is Gone Since That Day It Seems Like Life Has Lost Its Spark In Me I Am Lost In This Chapter, Tell Me When It Ends (Thanks to Spirit for these lyrics)

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