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Album: Track 6 on Skyscraping
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Elegant faces
Won`t you stand aside
I`m only looking for the real ride
Now`s not the time
To run away and hide

* I`ve got no time for fakers
Only the best will do
Looking through my eyes, baby
It`s such a spectacular view
Now that these times are changing
Only the best will do

Pale imitations
Will fade away
People are talking
With nothing to say
I wouldn`t let anyone
Talk to me that way

(* repeat)
** Ain`t that peculiar
Neptune`s your ruler
Awake from your slumber
Give me your number
How candid the camera
That captures the best of you
Only the best will do

(* repeat)
Only the best will do
(repeat with following)

(** repeat)
Only the best will do

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