AC/DC - Hard As A Rock Lyrics

Artist: AC/DC Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Ballbreaker
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A rollin' rock, electric shock
she gives a lickin' that doesn't stop
She line 'em up, push you 'round
Smokin' rings going 'round and 'round
Her hot potatoes
Will elevate you
Her bad behavior
Will leave you standing proud
Hard as a rock
Hard as a rock
Harder than a rock
Hard as a rock
Harder than a rock
The lightnin' rod, strike it hot
Gonna hit you like the Rushmore rock
No nicotine, no pipe dreams
So low and dirty, it's darn right mean
Hell elevator
I'll see you later
No I ain't gonna take it
I'm bustin' out
Hard as a rock

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