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Album: Track 4 on Addicted to Music
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I'm kicking that stone
Down your street alone
And the walls criticize where I have gone
I'm throwing that stone
Through your open door
And the halls seem to tell me I am wrong

I'm taking the long way home
Where everything's overgrown
Just like the boy
Trying to give it away
I regret tomorrow
I'm taking the long way home
Whatever may come and go
Just like the boy
Trying to give it away
I regret tomorrow
I regret tomorrow more than yesterday

Remember that wall
Where we used to hide
And the world seemed so dark and cold outside
Remember that field
Where we used to kiss
And the rain washed away our secret list


Nobody's home
And I feel lost inside
There's a clock counting down what's left of time
When you're all alone
It's easy to hesitate
Like a girl listening to her heart break

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