Awolnation - People Lyrics

Writer(s) : Bruno, Aaron R. / Stenman, Eric
Artist: Awolnation Lyrics
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Thank you
For listening again
Or for the first time
Or for the last time
We share this moment
And i am grateful for this

I was born to rage
For my fathers pain
With my brothers style
For my mothers rain
We could use some hope
We must learn to cope
So be good with goodbyes
So be good with goodbyes

Alright now

People, people
Have you heard the good news
There's people, people
They're running just like you
Today I say
It's all that matters for now
For you, and I
So people, people
Make some good ol' love

Well I lost my pride
With this body of mine
In another land
I began to understand
I got love for all your hate
I got lost to find my way
So be good with goodbye
So be good with good byes

Alright now


My knife is a dream
It's a beautiful world
She'll never leave
It's a beautiful world
Her body sits tight
When she's hitchin' a ride
Hey man I'm sorry
I'm not lookin' to fight

We were born to rage
We're the price of pain
We're a single voice
We're the second choice
We were born to rage


[Repeat: x3]
Oh na na na
Ho na na na
Ho na na na
Make some good ol' love

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