Aaron Lines - Cheaper to Keep Her Lyrics

Writer(s) : Lines, Aaron / Maros, Jessica / Lindsey, Chris
Artist: Aaron Lines Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Moments That Matter
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Your down on your luck
You just lost your truck
You can't afford another beer
Your credit cards don't work
Whole world thinks you're a jerk
You wondering how you wound up here

It woulda been cheaper to keep her around
It woulda been better to let her keep you down
Living with a crazy wife beats an empty bank account
It woulda been cheaper to keep her around

Now your sleeping on the couch at your best friends house watching Colombo
Eating cold pizza in your underwear
Just remember I told ya so


So if you're thinking about saying adios
Well, take it from the fool who knows
She's gonna serve ya papers make ya pay through the nose
And when her lawyer gets through with
You you'll have to move to Mexico.


It woulda been cheaper to keep her around

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