Aaron Tippin - My Blue Angel Lyrics

Artist: Aaron Tippin Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Read Between the Lines
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Somewhere out there in the smoky air
Where the night is neon blue
Surrounded by strangers
She don't know the dangers
One drink could lead to two
And if she fails, it's all my fault
For doin' a good woman wrong
I can't be far behind her
Oh Lord, help me find her
Before my angel is gone

Looking for my blue angel
The same one that flew from my arms last night
If you see my blue angel
Tell her that Heaven without her
Feels like Hell tonight

Last night when she left I told myself
That she wouldn't go too far
Now I'm not sure how long her tears could last
In a stranger's arms
She's wounded I know and feeling so low
She could fall at any time
I don't know what I would do
If I were to lose that precious angel of mine


Yes, tell her Heaven without her
Feels like Hell tonight

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