Abba - King Kong Song Lyrics

Writer(s) : Ulvaeus, Bjoern K / Andersson, Benny
Artist: Abba Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Waterloo (2001 remaster)
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Well I was looking at a movie on the TV last night
Then I had a very funny notion, yeah
I really had to write a song about it
And then I'm gonna sing it with my rock 'n roll band
And I bet the people gonna like it, yeah
I know that everybody's gonna shout it

And what a dreadful mighty killer
A big black wide gorilla

We do the King Kong song, won't you sing along
Listen to the music and it couldn't go wrong
We do the Kong Kong song, gotta sing along
Can't you hear the beating of the monkey tom-tom
Listen to the rhythm of the King Kong song

Now we can make the jungle out of any old place
We can make gorillas out of people, yeah
Well who can tell a monkey from a monkey?
So people get together, gonna have a good time
Everybody listen to the music, yeah
'Cause what we're gonna sing is kinda funky

So let your arms hang down
And waddle all around
Like a dreadful mighty killer
A big black wide gorilla


Like a dreadful mighty killer
A big black wide gorilla

[Chorus: x2]

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