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Artist: Abc Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Beauty Stab
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Love's just the gimmick
A mime or a mimic
That makes sex seem respectable
Make you feel more than a dream holding me
Holding me, holding me, holding me
Lips that seem so kissable
Unpermissible unzippable unzip!
Why take pleasure in censorship
Unzip! unzip! unzip!
She's vegetarian except when it comes
To sex
He's strictly ad lib
Except when he consults the text
Lips that seem so kissable
Unpermissible unzippable unzip!
You're just the captain of a sinking ship
Unzip! unzip! unzip!
Lips that seem so kissable
Unpermissable unzippable unzip!
You shoulda let your snarl, slip
Unzip! unzip! unzip!

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