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(yeh mere dil mein kaisa junoon
mann ko kyun na mile ab sukoon) - 2
dillagi ka junoon, zindagi ka junoon
{junoon - 7) chad raha hai.... - 2
chad raha hai.......
khoya sab kuch toh kya hua, paane ka ab mujhe hai junoon
aansu agar bhi mile, hasne ka hai junoon
{junoon - 7) chad raha hai - 2
chad raha hai....... - 4
hai aankho mein junoon - 2
hai khwabon mein junoon - 2
sapno ko phir sajaye, umeedon ko jagaye yeh junoon
hai baaton mein junoon - 2
har vaadon mein junoon - 2
armaanon ke diye mein jaise, lau kar chal aaye yeh junoon
zindagi intehaan hai toh kya, manzilon ka mujhe hai junoon
suni rahoon mein bhi, hum safar ka junoon, hum safar ka junoon....
{junoon - 7) chad raha hai - 2
chad raha hai..... - 4

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