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Yeow! Tailored suits, chaufeured cars, Fine hotels and big cigars
Up for grabs, all for a price, Where the red hot girls keep on
dancin' through the night.
he claim is on you, the sights are on me, So what do you do, that's
guaranteed? Hey little girl, you want it all, The furs, the diamonds
the paintings on the wall.
Come on, come on, love me' for the money,
Come on , come on, listen to the money talk /
/repeated twice
A French maid, foreign chef, A big house, with kingsize beds.
You had enough, you ship 'em out, The dollar's up, down, you
better buy the pound. The claim is on you, the sights are on me,
So what do you do? That's guaranteed, Hey litt
le girl, you break
the laws, You hustle, you deal, you steal from us all
Come on etc...
Money talks, Yeah! (solo)
come on, etc
money talks, talks, talks, Oh, here it comes, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Money talk!
"Pure, bloody poetry :-)"
Ripped of "The best of AC/DC " "TAB" book

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