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Last night I had the strangest dream,
I sailed away to China, in a little row boat to find ya,
and you said you had to get your laundry clean.
Didn't want no one to hold ya, what does that mean? And you said...

Ain't nothin' gonna break my break my stride,
nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no,
I've got to keep on movin'.
Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride,
I'm never gonna walk such ground, oh no,
I've got to keep on movin'.

You're on the road and now you're plain as gone,
The road behind was rocky, but now you're feelin' cocky.
You look at me and you see your past.
Is that the reason why you're runnin' so fast? And you said...


(neva neva 'nother guy like you)
Work me over...
(neva neva 'nother guy like you)
Drag me under...
(if i need another guy like you)
I would tell him...
(never want another guy like you)
Have to say...



I've got to keep on movin' movin' movin' movi-in' oh oh
I've got to keep on movin

chorus repeats 'till fade....

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