Acumen Nation - Bleed for You Lyrics

Artist: Acumen Nation Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on More Human Heart
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staring out to space what i do best
barely at the table as i chew as i swallow as i spit
i forgot my english as the language that i often abuse
yesterday a blackout swallowed up the afternoon
yet i cant lay down
still cant lay down

because its so loud in here
i cannot breathe for you
but i crash and i burn
so i can bleed for you
and ill stay alive
just to have you
ill stay alive
just to own you (but that's the only reason why...)

picture your presence collecting your goal
asphyxiating on love and other pastimes
a piece of your traction i never get to taste
these limbs wont lift me off of this floor
its times like this i like to forget who i am
actually its more like i have never had the choice
yet i cant lay down
still cant lay down

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