Adam Lambert - Music Again Lyrics

Artist: Adam Lambert Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on For Your Entertainment
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I want your body, mind, soul, et cetera
And one day you'll see, you should give it to me
And I don't want anyone instead of ya
Oh babe I'm goin crazy, come on and give it to me
And I ain't never met nobody better-er
You're someone else's baby

I'm so sick of living for other people
Took meeting you to realise
I don't wanna lose ya, I wanna keep ya

Put your little hand in mine and
Look into my eyes, baby eyes
Oh you make me wanna listen to music again
Yeah you make me wanna listen to music again

There had been many moons before I met ya
And I ain't going nowhere
And now you give me back my raison d'

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